Conviction Training Facility is the Home of the Original CrossFit Hilton Head. Craig Hysell is the CEO of Conviction Training Facility and has been teaching people like you CrossFit since 2008. He opened CrossFit Hilton Head in March 2010 and restructured his company in January of 2014 to become CTF and offer a wider range of training programs.

Craig is always fond of remarking, “We owe our evolution to CrossFit.” And the majority of our group class schedule reflects this. In order for you to be as successful as possible in CrossFit, we have created The Best Damn CrossFit Prep Course Period for you. We encourage you to take advantage of it.

CTF has been having fun serving Lowcountry folks like you for a very long time. We have learned a ton from students like you and our training program reflects our dedication, knowledge, maturity and passion.

So, the questions is… what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about YOU and get going! Set up a Complimentary Intro today!